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Colombie Suukala

Colombie Suukala

PriceFrom €11.00

Biscuit - Mango - Passion Fruit


Region : Ortega / Tolima

Varietals : Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
Altitude : 1830m

Process : washed


250g - 1000g

  • About this coffee

    This coffee comes from 35 smallholders based in the Ortega region and belonging to an association called Café Agrario.
    Established in 2014, the association experienced some difficulties being located in a region troubled by civil war, In recent years they focused on specialty coffee to add value to their product, then also roasted and sold coffee locally.
    The association wants to continue to progress and be able to have its own warehouse and purchasing point so that its members can deliver coffee directly to Siruma, their exporter, in order to integrate more vertically in the supply chain and have greater control.
    The association also manufactures its own organic fertilizer to distribute between producers. They have also invested in training for better wastewater management to protect their environment.
    During harvest, coffee is harvested every 20 days and pickers receive a bonus for selecting ripe cherries. Once the coffee is harvested and brought to profit, it is then ground into a pulp and fermented for 24 hours in a vat. The grains are then washed 3 times and transported to African beds to be dried. This batch will bring you cups with notes of biscuit, mango and passion fruit.

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